Fabric To Fabrics (Fusing) Bonding (Lamination)

Fabric To Fabrics (Fusing) Bonding (Lamination)

We have High Speed Fusing Machine for fabrics fusing lamination up to 90” available on job work bases. The system is capable of roll-to-roll fusing lamination (pesting) on all kinds Fabrics. Designed specifically for high production speeds in which Fabrics to Fabrics Lamination, Fabrics to Fusing Lamination, Sandwich Lamination & all kinds Fabrics Laminations. Our process for laminating fabric offers an excellent protective shield for your fabrics. The advanced heating system assures a soft flexible fused assembly, maintaining fabric structure and avoiding shrinkage or fading, while it provides absolute control of the adhesive resins on any type of interlining selected. We offer in this category include: –

  • Fusing lamination on Fabrics
  • Fabrics to Fabrics lamination
  • Sandwich lamination on Fabrics
  • Fusible coating on Fabrics, lining & Interlining
  • Fusing to Fabrics Lamination
  • Waterproof Lamination
  • Velvet Lamination
  • Rexin Lamination
  • Shoe Lining Lamination

We try our best to meet the challenging demand of customers. If you have an interest in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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